Giveaway Terms and Conditions

Admin April 1, 2024

Giveaway Terms and Conditions

21st Century Trusted Brand Giveaway Campaign 2024


  1. “21st Century Trusted Brand Giveaway Campaign 2024” (“Giveaway”) is organised by the company 21st Century Products Sdn. Bhd. (the “Organiser”)
  2. By entering this Giveaway, you agree to be bound by and comply with these Terms and Conditions, which shall form a valid and binding agreement between you and the Organiser.
  3. The Organiser reserves the right to amend, add or remove any of these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion without prior notice.


Giveaway Eligibility:

  1. The Giveaway participant must be a citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia who holds a valid National Registration Identification Card (NRIC) number (12-digit) and is above the age of 18 years at the time of participation.
  2. The Giveaway is applicable to Facebook, TikTok and Instagram users above 18 years old only.
  3. The following persons are not eligible to participate in the said Giveaway:
  • Permanent and/or contract employees of the Organiser (and its related companies) and their immediate family members (their parents, spouses, children, siblings and their respective spouses)


Giveaway Period

  1. The Giveaway will commence on 1st April 2024, and ends on 3rd May 2024, at 11:59 pm (“Giveaway Period”) for Facebook and TikTok. For Instagram, the Giveaway will commence on 30th April 2024, and ends on 10th May 2024, at 11:59 pm.
  2. The Organiser may at its sole and absolute discretion extend the Giveaway Period at any time without any prior notice.


Giveaway Participation

  1. To participate in the Giveaway, the participants must carry out following steps
  • Comment under the Giveaway post (Facebook/Tiktok/Instagram), sharing why you trust 21st Century products and tag 3 friends.
  • Follow @21stcenturymy (Facebook/Tiktok/Instagram)


Note: All entries must be submitted via Facebook/TikTok/Instagram platform within the Giveaway Period and all participants’ profiles are to be set to Public from the start of the Giveaway until the final round of winner announcement in order for the organiser to view.


Giveaway Prizes & Winner announcement:

  1. Total Prizes worth up to RM2,000:

20x winners from Facebook

  • RM50 worth of 21st Century Products

10x winners from TikTok

  • RM50 worth of 21st Century Products

10x winners from Instagram

  • RM50 worth of 21st Century Products
  1. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash or any other benefit in kind.
  2. Winner Announcement will be made on 21st Century Facebook, TikTok and Instagram page on 31st May 2024. Follow 21st Century Malaysia Official Facebook Page (@21stcenturymy) , TikTok Page (@21stcenturyproductsmy) , and Instagram page (@21stcenturyproductsmy) consistently for the latest updates.
  3. Winners are responsible for contacting the Organizer via Facebook/TikTok/Instagram DM. In the event that any winners do not respond within the stipulated period of 3 working days, they shall be deemed forfeited.
  4. All participants are responsible for tuning in regularly for winner announcement updates.
  5. In the event, for any reason whatsoever, the participants are unable to be contacted, the Prizes will be forfeited. The Organizer will neither reimburse nor compensate nor give any extension of time to the winner.
  6. Selected winners are responsible for providing the Organizer with accurate information such as Full Name as per IC, IC number, Contact No., Email Address & Full Mailing Address.


Giveaway Winner Selection

  1. Giveaway participants who successfully complete the participants steps as per Clauses 9 will then be eligible to be winners.
  2. Winners will be selected randomly, and each Giveaway Participant is eligible to win only one (1) prize during the Giveaway Period, either on Facebook, TikTok or Instagram.
  3. The Organiser’s decision on winner selection is final and binding.
  4. Any submissions received after the giveaway period will not be counted.


Other Terms & Conditions:

  1. The Organiser will announce the winners of this Giveaway by publishing their username and content on the 21st Century Malaysia Official Facebook Page, TikTok and Instagram Page.
  2. The Organiser reserves the right to substitute any of the Prizes with that of similar value at any time at their absolute discretion without prior notice and all Prizes are non-transferable to another individual and absolutely non-negotiable.
  3. All Prizes are given on an “As is” basis and are not exchangeable, transferable or redeemable for cash, credit, other items or vouchers, in part or in full.
  4. The Organiser makes no warranties or representations whatsoever with respect to the Prizes and shall not be responsible nor liable for any issues and/or damage thereto or arising therefrom.
  5. In the event that the Organiser is required to post/courier a Prize to a winner, the Organiser will not be held liable of non-receipt of Prize or damages caused during the delivery process. No replacement and/or exchange of Prize will be entertained.
  6. The Organiser will only arrange prizes deliveries within Malaysia.
  7. By participating in this Giveaway, the participant agrees and gives consent to 21st Century Malaysia to use his/her content(comments) as a repost, montage, ads and as other sort of publicity material.
  8. By participating in this Giveaway, the participant agrees (i) to use of his/her name or photograph as materials for the purposes of advertising, trade and/or publicity; and/or (ii) to the disclosure of his/her particulars to any third-party service providers and/or partners engaged by the Organiser for the purposes of the Giveaway and/or any customer survey in understanding participants’ purchasing behaviour.
  9. The Organiser’s decision on all matters relating to this Giveaway shall be final and binding and no further correspondence or attempt to dispute such decision would be entertained.
  10. It is within the discretion of The Organiser to change or alter the Terms & Conditions for this Giveaway at any point of time without prior notice.


Privacy Notice Pursuant to Personal Data Protection Act 2010

The Participant(s) hereby consent and authorize the Organizer to collect, process and keep the personal details of the Participants(s) for participating in the respective Giveaway to enable the Organizer to organize the said Giveaway only (“Purpose”). The participant(s) hereby further allow the Organizer to disclose the Participant’s personal details to all related parties for the Purpose only.


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