21st Century Herbs For Forty Plus Women

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21st Century Herbs for Forty Plus Women combines Panax Ginseng, Bee Propolis, EPO, Royal Jelly and 6 key nutrients for the general wellbeing of women.


• Energy and vitality
• 10-in-1 formulation
• Female health

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• Recommended for women who are seeking additional support for their well-being.

KKLIU: 2292/EXP: 31.12.2025

Active Ingredients

Ginseng (Radix Panax Ginseng) 100mg
Bee Pollen 100mg
Dong Quai (Radix, Rhizoma Angelicae Sinensis) 75mg
Royal Jelly 50mg
Fo-Ti (Radix Polygonum multiflorum) 50mg
Bee Propolis 25mg
Black Cohosh (Radix, Rhizoma Cimicifuga racemosa) 15mg
Sarsaparilla (Radix Smilax officinalis) 15mg
Ginkgo Biloba (Folium Ginkgo Biloba) 10mg
Evening Primrose Oil (Herba Oenothera biennis) 10mg

Directions for Use

Adults: Take 1 vegetable capsule once daily after food .
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