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Fabuloss 5 - 5 weightloss ingredients in every tablet


Product Details:

Fabuloss 5 (60 tablets) is a combination of 5 active weight loss ingredients to help you lose weight.  When everything else does not work, reach for Fabuloss 5 to help you get to your ideal weight.

It contains only these 5 natural ingredients which are safe :

1. Garcinia Cambogia - A known natural appetite suppresant which makes you eat less and less.

2. Chitosan - A fat absorber which absorbs100 times its own weight of oil from your food and prevents this oil from being absorbed by your digestive system. So it removes this oil before it gets converted into calories

3. Gymnema Sylvestre - Reduces sugar craving and neutralises sugar calories

4. Chromium Picolinate - Metabolises carbohydrates, fats, oil and proteins.

5. Citrus Aurantium - Increases metabolism rate (fat burning rate)

Can be taken on a long term basis and as everyone knows, losing weight is a slow and long term program. It took you years to put on weight and so do not expect to lose all that weight suddenly. It takes time to lose weight and Fabuloss 5 will be your friend that speeds up your weight loss.


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  • Manufactured by: 21st Century Healthcare Inc.