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MilkoVite, Chocolate flavour, Children's Health Drink, 290g


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According to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION in a report done in 1996, the real problem among children is malnutrition - particularly micro-nutrient deficiencies (lack of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids). Malnutrition in children hampers their growth and impedes vital functions.

Lack of access to highly nutritious foods, especially with rising food prices, is a common cause of malnutrition. Other factors are poor feeding practices, inadequate breastfeeding, offering wrong or unsuitable foods and feeding children with foods that contain no nutrition.

Malnourished children can be treated at home with "ready-to-use therapeutic foods". These foods ensure that children obtain good nutrition which is essential for survival, physical growth, mental development, performance, productivity, health, and well-being across their entire life-span - from the earliest stages of foetal development through infancy, childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.

21ST Century HealthCare USA has come out with MILKOVITE. A delicious & nutritious chocolate drink enriched with Calcium, DHA, Folic Acid & Multivitamins. Formulated for children aged one year and above. Because of its wide range of ingredients, it is very beneficial for physical & mental development. MilkoVite is a special ready-to-use therapeutic food formula for children. It can be taken daily for maximum benefit.

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  • Manufactured by: 21st Century Healthcare Inc.