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Elastin Collagen 600mg, 30 capsules


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Elastin Collagen 600 mg


Our skin changes over time, leading to visible signs of aging, like a loss of elasticity, increased skin roughness, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines.

Our skin is comprised of two layers, known as the epidermis and dermis. The dermis contains collagen and glycosaminoglycans. Collagen provides integrity and firmness to the skin and is responsible for its strength and elasticity. The degradation of collagen in the skin leads to the reduced skin firmness, enhanced photodamage, and to fine lines and wrinkles.

As we get older, our body’s natural ability to produce collagen decreases. Healthy radiance begins to vanish, and our skin starts to develop ridges, fine lines, uneven tone and age spots, and looses elasticity and moisture.

These signs of aging can be slowed down by maintaining collagen levels in the skin. Since glycine, proline and hydroxyproline are the major amino acids in collagen, replenishing these amino acids may be the key for maintaining collagen levels.

Elastin and collagen are vital proteins which are found in connective tissues of the skin. Together they form the structural elements of the skin, making it firm and youthful.

As mentioned above, the elastin and collagen proteins in our skin decrease due to age, environmental pollution, imbalanced diet and stress. Elastin Collagen capsules replenish elastin and collagen levels in your skin.

Over time, they help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. See improvement in complexion as your skin becomes more radiant and supple.

Each capsule contains:

- Concentrated Elastin-Collagen extract: 600mg



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