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21st Century – The World Leader in Health and Nutrition

The 21st Century brand is synonymous with health and nutrition. Apart from being Malaysia’s No.1 health supplement brand, we are also one of the most recognized international vitamin brands. 21st Century products are made with everyone in mind.

Our factory in Tempe, Arizona
  • FDA (Food & Drug Administration of USA) approved factory with annual inspections.
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) licence certified by the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy with annual inspections.
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Our commitment

At 21st Century, we care about you and your family’s health at all stages of life. We are committed to providing you with vitamins and nutritional supplements of unrivalled excellence using only the finest ingredients. When you buy 21st Century, you are guaranteed unsurpassed quality and value.


What Makes 21st Century The No.1 Choice?

  1. Largest Selection of Healthcare Products

    21st Century offers a comprehensive variety of specialty health including diet products, herbal supplements, vitamins, and minerals.

  2. Champion in Product Innovation

    Along with 21st Century’s patented cap and bottle design, our herbal products are also made with 100% vegetarian two-piece capsules.

  3. Designer Vitamins & Supplements for Your
    Special Needs

    21st Century offers diverse specialty nutritional supplements with unique formulations for different types of ailments and states of health.

  4. Competitive Pricing Without Quality

    21st Century has created “the people’s price” to make vitamins and health products available as well as accessible to everyone.

  5. State-Of-The-Art Facility & Cutting-Edge

    Our success in the health supplement market bears testament to our continuous efforts in Research & Development utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

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